A Week of Learning

Ice cream and juice sales, a computer training center and an animal feed store were just three of the business ideas from our West African program participants in Phase II! Between Phase I and Phase II, program participants were required to complete a comprehensive list of market research questions specific to their individual business ideas….Read More.

Shark Tank West Africa / Episode 1

After two years of conversation and due diligence with a US church partner in Dallas and a West African church partner, Videre has officially launched a new micro-business as mission initiative in West Africa*. On March 31st, we started our inaugural class with 15 entrepreneurs in Phase I of our business training program. The Phase I segment…Read More.

Class IV Updates

The entrepreneurs in Class IV have received their loans and are diligently growing their businesses. We get a progress report from our local Program Manager every month on each of the entrepreneurs’ business and repayment status. Here are a few updates on the entrepreneurs as of January 2014: Abraham Waayi is a photographer who received…Read More.

2013 Micro-Entrepreneurs Catalogue

This Christmas season, give a gift of entrepreneurship and everything that it stands for to these 28 faces. To them, being an entrepreneur stands for hope of a better life for their families, especially their children.  Many of these 28 are illiterate, but with a loan to improve their businesses, they will be able to…Read More.

Before and After

Videre is in the middle of training and vetting our fourth class of entrepreneurs in Yendi, Ghana!  Since we have graduated three classes and funded 45 entrepreneurs, we felt it was time for a full program evaluation to survey our impact and find out how we can improve by hearing from the entrepreneurs themselves. Kwabena…Read More.

Class 3 Graduates and New 2013 Trips

In December 2012, Videre graduated its third class of entrepreneurs in Yendi, northern Ghana. To read about each entrepreneur’s individual business, visit our Entrepreneurs Page. Since December 2010, Videre has: Graduated 3 classes of entrepreneurs in northern Ghana Vetted 79 local business owners Funded 45 entrepreneurs to either start or grow micro-businesses Impacted 32 different…Read More.

Entrepreneurial Fruit

Three months after receiving their loans, Class II graduates have begun to repay their loans and several have already jumped ahead to make prepayments… so far so good. Class I graduates are also now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of their loan terms. Four of our thirteen Class I entrepreneurs have…Read More.

Phase III Training – and finally, a LOAN!

Congratulations to Videre’s Class II graduates in Yendi, Ghana! Out of the 30 participants who entered our business as mission training program in September, these 17 completed the program and received loans last week! Throughout the process, participants had to prove themselves to be business-savvy, to have outstanding character, and to show a desire and…Read More.

“And Whatever You Do…” – Reflections of an Intern

Ruth Chan is currently interning with Videre as an Operations Intern during her winter break as she pursues her Masters in Public Administration at The Maxwell School, Syracuse University. She graduated from Cornell University in 2011 with a degree in Policy Analysis and Management. Here is what she has to say about her experience with…Read More.

Business Professionals Needed! January 20-29th, 2012

Videre needs three business professionals to go on a Phase III trip to complete the business training program for 18 entrepreneurs in Ghana! In September, a team went on a Phase I trip to begin teaching 30 participants how to use their businesses to share the Gospel. In October, a second team went on a…Read More.

Eighteen New Entrepreneurs

The Phase II team returned from Ghana on the last day of October. This team was uniquely diverse, as it was comprised of business professionals from the United States, Kenya, and Ghana. The team worked with 21 participants who came back from Phase I in September. The team visited some of their business to get…Read More.

The Home of Idols

Abukari and Joke Yakubu are Videre’s main contacts for our local partnership in Ghana. They have dedicated their lives to see the Good News penetrate northern Ghana. Abukari oversees more than 20 churches in the Yendi region. This excerpt from their recent newsletter is just a glimpse of the work they do:  Radio with a…Read More.

Visiting Mansions

A few days ago, a former Videre business coach shared about the experience in Ghana that had made the greatest impression on her. She said something that I will never forget: “Those pastors in Ghana… they are so faithful. They are going to have mansions in heaven.” Another coach said, “Yes, I’ll have to ask…Read More.

Business as Mission Dinner and Discussion

What does it mean for believers to live missionally through business? On Thursday, September 1st, Iris Liang, the Executive Director of Videre, will lead a discussion on the calling and practicalities of business as mission. She will also present opportunities for businesspeople to go on short-term trips to the least-reached regions of the world. When:…Read More.

Hut Living

Videre firmly believes that in order to build relationships with our entrepreneurs and truly understand their business context, we cannot just arrive at a meeting hall and run through a curriculum. When our teams arrive in Yendi, we visit the businesses at their locations and sometimes even visit the entrepreneurs’ homes in the villages. Iris…Read More.

Employee of the Day, Part I

Iris Liang is staying in Ghana this month to shadow each of Videre’s graduates for a day doing his or her business. There are several reasons for this: It gives us a good idea of who’s really executing their business plan and who isn’t. It gives us a chance to provide feedback to the entrepreneurs…Read More.

Director’s Blog

Videre’s director, Iris Liang, arrived in Ghana yesterday, and will be there for the next six weeks.  Her goal is to stay with our 13 entrepreneurs for 2 days each to see how they live, how they run their businesses, and to serve them in whatever way she can. Ever since Iris was saved at Cornell University, God has…Read More.

An Entrepreneurial Mother

In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to share with you the story of one lady who is not only a savvy businesswoman, but more importantly a gracious, loving mother.  AWABU As one of our business training coaches said, “Awabu walks with such purpose.” It’s true. Awabu is illiterate and speaks no English, but she…Read More.

“What Did You Do with Your Loan?”

This seems to be the most frequently asked question the last few days here in Yendi. It’s been amazing to see Videre’s entrepreneurs scrambling to put their loans to good use! Just yesterday, I was buying groceries in the market when I bumped into Yakorl who was walking around with a basin of okra on…Read More.

Giving Out Loans!

Videre has finished the biblical business training program for its first class of participants! Out of the 22 who started in Phase I, 13 graduated from the program and 12 were able to receive loans. However, before they received the money, they all participated in the most fun part of the entire training program: the…Read More.

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