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2013 Micro-Entrepreneurs Catalogue

This Christmas season, give a gift of entrepreneurship and everything that it stands for to these 28 faces.

To them, being an entrepreneur stands for hope of a better life for their families, especially their children.  Many of these 28 are illiterate, but with a loan to improve their businesses, they will be able to send their children to school.  The next generation will not be the same.  It will be better because of what we can do now.

These 28 entrepreneurs have been tested, trained and vetted through Videre’s program for proven character and business savvy.  They have told us their stories, their hopes and dreams, their visions for their businesses. They have told us their plans to use their businesses to share the love of Jesus Christ with others so that many more can experience spiritual and physical freedom.

Click on the catalogue cover to read some of their business summaries. Then consider giving a gift this Christmas that goes far beyond what our eyes can see, a gift that resonates in the coming generations and into eternity.

Videre Holiday Catalogue 2013

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